Patrick Montague SAC Dip Nutritional Consultant studied at Stonebridge Associated Colleges and received his Diploma in Nutritional Healing in 2003. He now runs a successful business as a nutritionist giving wellbeing workshops, seminars, radio and TV lectures in London UK.

You can reach Patrick on Tel: 07931 800135 or 07717 044301 or by email:


Patrick Gives Consultations On The Following Topics

How to deal with High Blood Pressure

How to prevent Cancer
Causes of Diabetes and how to treat it
Arthritis, the symptoms and natural remedies
The causes of Hypothyroidism and how to prevent it
Allergies, Signs and Symptoms and treatments
Vitamins and Minerals how they affect Mind and Body
Herbs for Healing
Colds and flu How to prevent and treat the symptoms
HIV/AIDS, how to boost the immune system
How Addictions are created in the mind
Asthma, The cause and Treatment
Sexual Regeneration
Pregnancy and Fertility
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